When I was young…


People told me I should make the most of childhood, as it is the most magical period of life. Now being a teen I realize how right those who said this were. Life was simple and fun when I was young. I experienced some moments at school which turned into unforgettable memories.

I remember the first day of my school when I entered in the first grade, which was a new world for me. I was a shy kind of person who talked as much as needed but I didn’t hesitate in making friends. I had taken time to adjust with the surrounding as there was complete discipline. It was a convent school in which I studied and it comprised of total girls. Even all the teachers were female in the junior section. We were allowed to utter no other language except for English.

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I remember a day in class 1st in which I was stood up by my teacher for reading a paragraph of English text. At that moment I became extremely nervous and wasn’t able to read properly. That was a bad memory I have in my mind. From then onwards I became hesitant in reading. The more I avoided speaking in public the more I was forced to do so. There was huge exposure for cocurricular activities along with studies such as various competitions(singing, dancing, writing, speaking), long assemblies, sports activities, etc. In fact every Saturday we had an activity of making best out of waste i.e. SUPW which used to be fun indeed. Well…. I never knew I would become famous for good handwriting and drawing and even being good singer.

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Gradually there was an improvement in my personality. My weakness of becoming nervous and having stage fear were gone as I actively participated in speaking, be it the thought of the day or any speech and that to on the mic in front of everyone. Every year we had annual function in which each student got a chance to perform in front of the audience. I remember the best memory I have of class 5th annual function when I along with six other girls became the anchor of the entire junior section. Our batch had to prepare a play of a movie ‘The Sound of Music’ . I was so excited for it as I got a responsibility in monitoring the dance and the singing along with the speaking part. Also I had to speak the dialogue of a character behind the stage. Thus our batch received good feedbacks regarding the play and everything.

When I told my mama about my part she became eager to see me speaking on the stage. It was because of her support and high expectations that I was able to do the anchoring so confidently. Trust me after that function was over I had another level of confidence. It is then I realized how my weakness changed into my strength. Even the teachers knew me by my name. I then took part in extempore in class 6th in which I didn’t secure any position. But I always won in G.K quiz and spell — bee competitions in the middle school.

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Being a convent school we were taken every year for exposure activity in which we went to places where the needy children resided and we helped them by donating some clothes and eatables. Every time I visited the children I became touched by seeing their innocence and their helplessness. Once I burst into tears when we were taken into a deaf and dumb school in class 8th. I felt extremely pitiful for them as I never witnessed such people before. They had so much contentment and every face held a wide, beautiful and precious smile. We communicated in sign languages. I was so amazed to see the students creativity as they made beautiful paintings. From then onwards I made sure to help people who are needy and they do not return from our door. It was indeed an emotional visit.

Another memory of class 8th was when we were taken to theatre for watching a movie. That was fun too. That was actually the last exciting thing that took place as the next year i.e. class 9th was spent at home due to Covid-19. After that class everything changed and was transferred into online mode but the journey till class 8th was amazing. And I took part in basketball for sometime and then joined athletics. I also took part in races and long jump that year. I remember after we gave our exams, the last day in grade eight when the school was over each student had a shirt in which they wrote fun and memorable stuff as we were going to enter the senior section.

I gained new interests and each day I got inspired from things and changed my mind to do that. Poetry was that particular interest that helped me to discover my passion during my teenage. The first poem I wrote in my second grade. Then I came to know that a poet resided within me that wants to refine its wings. Being a nature lover, I felt that I learnt to appreciate the tiny, little but beautiful things. We must learn to live, find new ways for making life a better place and let not our young age restrict us for doing so.

Being young is an amazing thing what I feel. By looking at my younger siblings who are kids, I could understand more about this and get recalled of moments I spent at while I was young. Well…..being young is about having less burdens, more freedom, more fun, more games in the list, being more active, having more energy, etc. But as we grow up we have exciting experiences to share with people. Thus, we must enjoy the present to the fullest.




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Simra Fatima

Simra Fatima

a muslim girl who’s in the process of discovering herself, a nature enthusiast one who writes about life-her experiences, anything that inspires her greatly.